How is code blue announced at your facility? - page 4

At our facility our admininstrator has decided that "Code Blue" cannot be announced over the overhead system. Instead the switch board opetrator announces "Code 4464" overhead. I just don't think... Read More

  1. by   Chelly Taylor
    Our hospital only usually uses the overhead paging system for emergencies or when the digital pagers aren't working. A loud tone sounds, followed by "MEDIC" and either the room number or the unit. Whoever happens to place the 911 call to switchboard either gives them the room number or just the area. Like most anywhere, there's enough people on the area to direct traffic if just the area is given overhead. No other notification is given to ancillary depts or staff, the ICU or CCU nurse responds based on which part of the hospital it's in, also the nursing supervisor, EKG, pastoral care...
  2. by   dbscandy
    In our hospital, we use the usual overhead Code Blue, etc and the room number. However, for a neonatal emergency, there's a different tone phone ring in the NICU. We are the only ones who respond to this call (an RN and an RT). The person on the other end tells the room number and usually 'we need you for a floppy baby, a meconium delivery, etc.

    One night the RT answered the phone and a man said a room number. He couldn't answer the question of an emergency, just kept repeating the room number. We figured it was so bad they had to have the father call us. SO we took off running, 2 RN's and an RT!!! We burst into the room and there was a bewildered little man standing in the room and his very pregnant wife sitting on the side of the bed. He had picked up the phone and dialed the first number he saw: the code line (spoke little English and understood less).
    Mommy needed help to the bathroom.

    A nurse in the birthday suite saw us run by and came after us...she helped mom to the BR and we went back to the unit. Later that night, the RT & I went back to the room, walking!, for a mec delivery and all went well; they made a family, and we had a good laugh about the BR run!