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Have counseled 2 staff members for lateness since 12/06 following health systems progressive counseling policy (met 3 x so far, signed form by staff each time acknowledgeing must be on time),... Read More

  1. by   SICU Queen
    Our clock rounds from x:53 - x:07 to x:00, but we're considered late if we clock in at x:01. It's a respect thing, to me. I know the nurses I'm relieving want to go home, and me arriving 15 minutes late isn't fair to them.

    What gets me are the ones who come in on time but have to grab coffee, visit, hug, exchange news, etc. Yesterday morning I was in the middle of report on a really sick fella, and the oncoming repeatedly interrupted me to shout out at other nurses. Finally I interrupted her and said "Are you done taking report from me? I want to go home." She said "Yeah, I'm done." but I knew she hadn't gotten near enough info from me and she'd never taken care of this patient before. I went to the daycharge and proceeded to give her report so that I could leave and so someone would have updated info on the patient. Unbelievable.
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  2. by   ElvishDNP
    For us, 1 minute past start of shift is considered late; however, for pay purposes, we don't get docked pay until 7min after start of shift. We're not supposed to clock in before 7min until shift start, but a lot of people do anyway and I can see the point, which is that they're clocking in to start their work -- getting their assignment, writing stuff up ahead of time, planning the shift as much as it can be planned. So far no one has said anything.

    Anyway, I like to be there a few min ahead of time to put my stuff away, stock my pockets, etc. & not feel so rushed.