How do you tell your boss that you are quitting? - page 2

I do not know that I got this job, and if I don't, this will be for future reference. But how do you tell your supervisor that you are quitting and going to another hospital? I am not very good with... Read More

  1. by   Harmony213
    Do I write the letter and hand it to her at the beginning of the shift (I only see her when I work evenings)? Or do I come some day when I am not working and hand her the letter? I'm sorry this is all new to me. Thanks for all the great responses!
  2. by   DelightRN
    It doesn't matter, as long as she receives it. Your last day should be 2/4 weeks from the day your NM receives the resignation. In my experience, resignation notices for nurses are required to be 4 weeks, not 2, so I would check your employee manual to see what the requirements are. If you don't give adequate notice, you're likely to not be eligible for rehire, and maybe not receive your leave bank.

    Generally when they call to check references, they speak to HR, not your supervisor. I've never found it necessary to inform a supervisor I was job hunting before I'd accepted a job elsewhere.