How do I get an MSN specializing in informatics?

  1. I want to obtain an MSN or MS in informatics.
    I live in rural Iowa and need programs offered via the internet. Can anyone help?
    Also, not sure if I should get MSN with emphasis in informatics OR MS in Information/Health Technology. Again, any suggetions?

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  3. by   Keysnurse2008
    Try....Excelsior is mostly internet based ......tests can be taken at sylvan learning center.It is accredited.there are a few times you will have to go to a clinical test site...but those can be scheduled at your discression.they have a web site....I cant remember it....but just search under Excelsior College.I graduated from is NOT easy.......and you have to be very self disciplined......and really know your stuff the clinicals are not so much a teaching experience as they are a "show what you know" kinda experience.The programs are difficult.....but it worked well for me.Good Luck!
  4. by   iliel

    they have just about every school known....Good luck!