how do i approach this topic

  1. how do i approach this topic in an essay.

    "Health and educational reforms in nursing"
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  3. by   rmc2
    Educational Reforms in Nursing could entail talking about the possibility of requiring at least a BSN degree as opposed to only an Associate degree before you can practice as a Registered Nurse...I also think that in the next few years you will need to get a doctorate (like with the pharm D) to become a Nurse Practitioner..........
  4. by   abooker
    Hi, 2lip!

    That's a broad topic. I'd like to ask you what textbooks you might have, and what your teacher might have said. Next, what about this topic interests you, if anything. (If you're going to write, it will be more fun if you find something you like about it.) Looks like you're from Africa, so what I'd have to say would be USA stuff, which might not apply to your region.

    My professors would've most likely been looking for feminist stuff; I'd probably talk about the social equality of women and how nurses used to not be thought capable of scholarly conduct, or capable of research. Part of health reform and educational reform in nursing seems to be tied to the social reform taking place in global environments - maybe women's roles, maybe care for the poor, maybe technology ... what social "stuff" is going on in your neighborhood that you feel passionate about? Or, perhaps more importantly, what "stuff" is going on that your essay assigner or textbook author feels passionate about?

    Best of luck with that essay.