How do I care for a Stage II Heat Rash ???

  1. Hi this is my first post. I was referred here by my friend who is a doctor.

    I'm current awaiting a patella relocation and in the mean time I have to wear a patella brace. I have developed a nasty heat rash at the back of my knee behind the brace.

    I suppose it appeared about 3 weeks ago from my patella brace rubbing on the back of my leg, then by adding a bit of sweat to the situation it got nasty [I'm Australian and it is summer here].

    Everyday I dress it with non stick wound pads and a topical gel called Solosite which is held in place by a cohesive bandage. I was told by my Pharmacist that it needed to stay most as otherwise it would crack. It cleared right up about a week ago and I was just wearing a tubular bandage on my leg to put something between my skin and the brace so as to avoid friction. Bad idea. It still allowed the rubbing and I think the tubular made it hot again and now it is worse than ever. See pic. Unfortunately it is actually more purple and raw in real life.

    When I change the dressings it is very green which my doctor friend tells me is dead white blood cells, bacteria and debris.

    Can you please suggest some form of wound care as obviously what I have been doing isn't sufficient.

    Thanks for your help.

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  3. by   NRSKarenRN

    Sounds like you had the appropriate prior wound care. However, brace is causing pressure/rubbing over area which reopened skin. Some sort of padding is needed to prevent recurrence. Green drainage is usually indicative of infection, especially if fever is present requiring either topical or oral antibiotics.

    The only way one can give a professional opinion and best treatment options is by physical exam---something we cannot do over the internet.
    You need to be examined not just by a "doctor friend" but by physician who prescribed the patella brace. In the US, doctors often request evaluations by homecare RN's for wound care treatment options.

    Please call the prescribing medical professional TODAY to prevent long term complications.