How did you lose all your "nursing school weight" after graduation? - page 2

Hello everyone! I am sure this is everyone's favorite subject (:lol2: ), but I was wondering if anyone has experienced the ENORMOUS weight gain in nursing school. I have gained close to 35 pounds in... Read More

  1. by   leeae85
    This past week I went to a weight loss clinic in my area called Physician's Plan Weight Management or something like that. I'll be getting a B12 shot once a week, and i take fentermine 37.5 mg qday. I also have a very specific food outline that i can follow for every meal, i can only drink water, & i have to start excersing @ least 3x/week.

    This is my second day (so far so goodumpiron: !) My friend from nursing school started this program in May & has so far lost about 35 lbs. Hopefully i can be as successful as she is. I have weekly weigh in's, so with that i'm hoping to keep myself on track. I will let yall know how it goes!
  2. by   SpudsMomGuinea
    I realise this thread is a bit old, but I am going through this, and believed that I was the only one... for all my classmates are all staying the same. {that I know of}

    When I started my studies in July, in the middle of our Tasmanian winter , I was actually walking to and from campus... {3km each way} and my BP was a nice 110 on 70 with pulse of 58... now four months on, here in November, my BP is up to 120 on 84 and my pulse is up to 68... and I no longer walk, for I was spending hours up late at night and then never being organised enough in the mornings to get my son to school and the car reparked at home for me to walk in...

    and then by the time I get home I just don't have energy to cook for one... and I end up eating the leftovers of littleone after he's refused his food... and so the circle goes...

    so now I know I'm easily about 20 pounds up and I was NOT a light gal to begin...

    Summer break is coming up and so I hope to spend some time getting some of the weight off and then maybe I'll be able to pick up the walking {to and from} routine again.