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I am an OR nurse at a small rural county-owned hospital in mid-Michigan. I came here 2 years ago from a large teaching hospital, in need of a change in specialty and location. I feel like I am... Read More

  1. by   debbyed
    How has the hospital managed to pass Joint Accreditation?

    As long as you work there, I am afraid, that you are just a guilty of putting patients in danger as the CEO. I am not attacking you personally because I can tell the reasons you stay are selfless but the bottom line that the courts look at is "What would a reasonable, prudent nurse do?? I don't think you would have much of a defense if you had to justify your position in court.

    The one thing you do have on your side is the whistle blowers law. You need to contact the States Attorney's office and well as Medicare/Medicaid. And you need to do this now. You have already publically admitted you know of all of these violations (Yes, you could even be traced from here) so you are morally, ethically and maybe even legally responsible for reporting them.

    You need to protect yourself, protect your family and protect your patient population, and you need to do it now.

    My thoughts are with you.