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  1. by   IamRN2345
    I got pregnant during nursing school and I thought it wouldn't be a problem but I was wrong. It was extremely difficult and It made things 10x harder than they would have been without being pregnant but as someone else said, life continues, even during nursing school and things happen. I survived. I wouldn't recommend trying to become pregnant but if it happens, it's just a curve ball and you can make it.
  2. by   IamRN2345
    PS.. my daughters were born on January 20th and final semester bagan 3 days later so I didn't miss a day of school. I was fortunate in that way.
  3. by   sissyboo
    I've been advised against getting married and having children during nursing school. Even my boyfriend (who was once upon a time a science major, having several classes with nursing students) says it's not a good idea to and supports me in wanting to wait until after graduation to even think about these things.

    While I was in HS, my sister had a baby--that she couldn't take care of for many reasons, which lead to him comming home to us. I barely hacked looking after the little guy then, and my schoolwork did suffer to an extent. That was with barely any homework and many very understanding, supportive teachers at school when I had to be out for doctors appointments and surgeries (his first couple of months were a little rough!).

    I personally don't think that making HUGE changes in your personal life and going to nursing school are good things. I think those big changes (marriage, baby) and nursing school all require a huge amount of attention and none of them should be strained by the other events. No offense to those of you who CAN do it all (I'm very happy for you!)--I'm just not one of those!!
  4. by   HappyNurse2005
    I did it. Had my baby one month to the day before graduating. my school was not friendly about it at all. Did not allow me to have any special circumstances-and i never asked. i scheduled all doc appts around school, studied while waiting for appt, etc. i was at school on my due date, was at clinicals the next day, 1 day after my due date, and kept up. you should see the look on peoples faces when they'd say "when is that baby due" and i'd say "yesterday". . anyhoo, i left clinical that day at 2pm, was in hospital at 10pm, had baby at 4am. called clinicals at 6am to tell them why i wouldn't be there. so i only missed the one day....
    i was willing to make it up, but i think b/c i'd never missed a day, had busted butt to get a A average in class, and never asked for special circumstances, they let me have that day and not make it up.

    i also got lucky in that the clinical day i missed was the last day of clincals for me. i came back tos chool 3 times. twice to take a test (then go home) and once to take final exams. i got notes from other people.

    though, if you get sick, are on bedrest, deliver prematurely, could be rougher and unmanageable. i mean, it can be done, but i wouldn't plan it that way.
  5. by   Lady_in_red
    This depends on so many things! I think getting pregnant in nursing school isn't so bad if you have a fairly easy pregnancy and no complications. If you don't, you might have to drop out. We lost an amazing person last semester because her baby was born premature and she didn't have the financial resources to go to school and take care of the baby.
    We have had a lot of pregnancies and new babies in the last two years that went smoothly, too. Half a dozen pregnancies and a few new dads as well. No one has complained too much about it or missed much school with the one exception. There has been a lot of preclass powerpoint presentations of new baby pictures by popular demand though. Also, the teachers at my school are flexible about clinical days for the pregos. One of my friends was scheduled to give birth in the last week of clinicals. The instructor let her make up the days early in case she went into labor.
  6. by   NeosynephRN
    There are worse things that could happen!! I had my daughter in my second semester of nursing school. Had her on a Tues and was back in Clinicals on Sat. did not miss one day!! I was able to do everything that any other student did in the clinical setting...I was allowed to do all the procedures and participate in all patient cares! Someone asked who would take care of your newborn...well in my case the same person that was taking care of our other husband!! I guess I did not feel that it made school any more demanding on me. I am not one to play the pregnancy card...if you know what I mean, so I was not bothered in the least!! We have had 4 other babies delivered while we have been in school. And all the mommies have made it just fine!!