Hospital vs Clinic Job, Pros/cons

  1. I am a new nursing graduate and I was wondering what are the pros/cons of working in a hospital vs clinic setting. Where would you prefer to work?

    Currently, I'm working at a stroke rehab hospital and the pay is great but the hours are 3-11pm and I miss my 2 children tremendously!!! (Day positions are hard to come by) I have an interview at a Doctor's clinic tomorrow but I'm afraid I'll lose all my skills. I just hope I don't make a big mistake and live to regret it!
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  3. by   Euskadi1946
    As new grads we get the awful shifts. Look at it as a learning experience and hang in there for a little while longer. I made my bones on a med/surg unit and I am so glad I did. I then went on to work in post partum, worked in an ob clinic which I really loved and now I work for the State. I loved hospital nursing but there is no way I could do it now. Alot of clinics and dr's office want nurses who have had some hospital experience. But look around. You never just may find your dream job.