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Hi, I've never posted before, but I have been reading the discussions on this board. I'm a new RN (about 6 mos) and work in a hospital (med/surg). Honestly, I really don't enjoy hospital nursing.... Read More

  1. by   Jill03RN
    Thanks to all of you for your comments and advice. I really want to stick it out for a year at the hospital and see how I feel then. In the meantime, I plan on looking and keeping all options open. Thanks again, I feel 100% better knowing that other people have experienced what I'm going thru now!

  2. by   nurse_robin
    I graduated at a time when everyone said you had to pay your dues to med/surg. Well I lasted 3 months at a full-time med/surg job......was lucky enough to get a registry job, then a Baylor job.....never looked back!
    I think my problem is hospital politics. I actually love to take care of my patients, but all the BS in the hospitals really turn me off; 20 years later, it's still the same. :angryfire
  3. by   MelissaRN
    I've heard the name. What is it?
  4. by   nurse_robin
    A Baylor Program is one where you work 12 hour weekends in exchange for full time pay and benefits. When I did it it was 3 out of 4 weekends/month although it varies.