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Just want to know for future, what area of the hospital pay's the most for an RN, just an RN, no BSN, or MSN. Please let me know if you can, I'm still a student, just looking at options. No I'm not... Read More

  1. by   Anaclaire
    My sister just moved to another state and they base their starting salaries on the years of experience the nurse has. They pay extra for shift differentials. When on-call she'll make 3 bucks an hour whether called in or not. The intensive care units and other floors that are difficult to staff get a little extra pay incentive. She received a $6,000.00 sign on bonus for a two year committment. If she refers a nurse to that hospital and they write down on their application her name as the referral person, she'll get $1,500.00. She is a PACU nurse with 18 years of experience...

    Most places I've worked have paid based on years of experience and then give across the board raises when other hospitals in the area gave raises too, to keep us happy. It's only fair. I think all hospitals pay more for 3-11 and 11-7 shifts. Lots of hospitals have Laddering Programs which are great ways to make extra money for a little extra work on things like being on committees, volunteering at health fairs, presenting inservices, etc.