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  1. Yes- I know....this should probably have gone in the "hospice nursing" forum, but I wanted more people to see it, so I'm putting it here!!!

    I am the clinical care coordinator on a 46 bed long-term-care floor. This week, within 36 hours of each other, two of our residents started to decline VERY quickly. In one case, the resident didn't want to be left alone, but as you all know.....our staffing did not permit someone to be with her 24 hours a day (although I must say, we did a pretty darn good job of trying!!). In the other case, the gentleman's wife needed a lot of TLC.

    In both cases, hospice was called, a meeting was set up the same day and services were started by the afternoon. This particular hospice agency also has volunteers (mostly individuals who have lost a loved one) who will come and sit with the resident so the family can go eat, or go home and take a shower, etc.

    I am sooooo impressed by what all of you hospice people do! Nurses, aides, social workers, volunteers....everone. This is just sort of general thank-you. Both residents are still hanging in there, and I was able to leave work today knowing that they would be well taken care of.

    THANKS !!
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  3. by   deespoohbear
    I agree with everything you said. At the small hospital I work at, we sometimes get inpatient hospice or respite care patients. The people at hospice have been SO wonderful. They are available 24 hours a day, and are always there for the patients and families. And, they serve as a great resource person for the staff. They really know about pain meds and nausea meds. I have been very impressed by the Hospice nurses. They are great!!!