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Anyone watch Trauma- Life in the ER? A man injured surfing had no feeling or function below his clavicles, and was offered a spine stabilization surgery that would allow him to sit up, but would not... Read More

  1. by   imaRN
    I KNOW how you feel,my sister was Dx. with ALS in her late 20's. She lived her life how SHE wanted to.When I used to hear about someone with ALS or have a pt. with ALS I felt like I would "throw-up". Movies, books and support groups might be good for some but for me I just couldn't do it. I wish I could say she didn't die but-she did. We made many, many memories in those years. My mom and I done what "she" wanted, she was a dietician and did not want any vent, or feeding tube, she had a Great Neurologist who supported her wishes.(Of course he would have been better if he could have found a cure!)I pray in my lifetime there will be one. People often "mean well" thrusting their views and opinions at you,but you decide how "YOU" will support your dad.I can say (even though I have tears in my eyes now) I am glad we supported her, and done things her way!She is a gift I will always have with me. She died in 1993, sounds like a long time, but I can still see her face and hear her at times. I was scared too, and on an emotional rollercoaster from day to day.Working some days was too hard, my friends were always there to listen, no one could fix it, but being able to vent. can help tons!Let me know if you want to talk, I'm here, we are both in a club that we never asked to be in.....imaRN