Honesty answers needed.....Will going to an HBCU affect hiring opportunities

  1. I am a young african american female who will be applying to bsn programs to attend in the fall of 2010. Some of my family members have warned me against attending a Historically Black College for fear it will effect my hiring opportunities. I have had family members attend HBCUs and later receive graduate degrees from "white schools" not only to further their education but they felt it was necessary to succeed in their careers, although none where nurses. The programs that I am considering applying to are Howard University, Florida A&M, and North Carolina A&T. I wanted to hear feedback on this issue or from anyone who attended an HBCU for nursing. No offense will be taken upon your opinions...Honesty is appreciated Thank you.
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  3. by   Pmdc
    I didn't even know what an HBCU was until now.

    Seriously, I really don't think anyone would even consider that when making hiring decisions. If they did, then I wouldn't want to work there anyway. I would be more concerned about the school of nursing's reputation, accreditation (regional and NLN or CCNE), NCLEX pass rates, attrition rates during the program, clinical opportunities, etc.

    No matter what you decide, I think you'll find the same opportunities when you graduate regardless of your choice of school. Good luck in your studies!
  4. by   Mommy&RN
    I attended a HBCU, I am white, but have not had any problems as far as getting a job. I agree that it depends on the level of education, accred., etc.
  5. by   elkpark
    As long as the nursing program has a good reputation, it shouldn't make any difference either way (positive or negative). A former colleague of mine (white) attended the nursing program at NC A&T (many years ago), and spoke v. highly of it. I'm not aware of it having had any negative impact on his career.
  6. by   ghillbert
    Wow - I never knew there was such a thing!
  7. by   Praise,RN
    Hi Runner VA--

    In my opinion, HSBCU's represent a very important part of "history" wherein African Americans were able to be educated during a very diffcult time of racial oppression in our country. HBCU's certainly should not be viewed any different from any other college and/or university. As with any university/college, as a educated prospective student, one should research the accrediation of any college or university, no matter the prestige or location of the educational institution. Education is what you put into it as a "student" or "adult learner" regardless of the education institution one attend. I did undergrad (BSN) at a HSBC and went on to grad school after 1 year and obtained a MSN/ED. I graduated sigma theta tau (International honor society of nursing-graduate level) and will put my education toe-toe with any of my colleagues. You should not view your education as a competition with some one else, but think from a more diverse perspectve. Trust God to lead and guide "you" in all your ways and no blessings that is destined for u can be hindered. Man does not hold your future success, God does! I have not had a problem finding a job since obtaining my nursing degree(s). Currently, I am the most educated nurse in comparision to man of my colleagues in my places of employment.

    Remember as a nurse you will have to be cultural competent in order to provide the highest level of care. I would also encourage you to research the passing rates of the students on the NCLEX and converse/visit the campus of your prospective nursing program for a better feel of the nursing program.

    All the best,

    Praise, RN
  8. by   ohmeowzer RN
    Quote from ghillbert
    Wow - I never knew there was such a thing!
    that is a surprise to me !! i've been a nurse a long long time , and have never heard of that.. i thought as long as you can sign RN after your name , you are a warm body, you have the job...
  9. by   NurseKitten
    Honey, I'm in Tallahassee - home of Florida A&M. I have taken their students as a preceptor on their mentorships in the neurotrauma ICU, never with a complaint about conduct or clinical skills.

    The program is very serious, and very rigorous. I was helping one of our unit secretaries study for her exit HESI, and was having to look some it up myself!

    They turn out some stellar nurses, who have ZERO problem getting hired.

    I hired several during my 3 years as the manager of a dialylsis clinic, and have worked with many of them in both the local hospitals. I am white, but two of my best friends in nursing are black, and FAMU grads. They would be my first choice to care for me or mine in a critical care setting.

    It's more about the quality of the program itself, not about whether it's a HBCU. I can't speak to any of the other programs, but FAMU's school is serious, they turn out good nurses, and those nurses have zero problems in the way of finding jobs.
  10. by   SharonH, RN
    No of course not. I graduated from an HBCU and I have never been out of a job. Furthermore, your family must know that many distinguished people have graduated from HBCUs in all career fields or at least they should know.