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  1. Hello Again. I'm a new grad in May 2003 and work FT for state gov't. Wasn't sure what area I wanted to pursue yet, so, a local home health agency was hiring for a home health PRN part time position. Long story short, I got the position and start next week. I'll be able to keep my good gov't job and earn some extra money on the side while getting my 'feet wet' as a new grad. I want to get some input from the home health RNs out there. After talking to the manager, I would initially be doing a lot of orientation, dressing changes, vitals, etc until I built my skills. Mainly, I want to know about salary and home health. This agency pays per visit and not per hour. Is this a good or bad thing for home health? The rate is $27/visit and then after 6pm its $30/visit. I'd be doing evenings since I work FT days, so I'd be getting $30 visit. Does that sound about right for home health. Once again, I'm clueless about salaries and wanted some input. Its $20 more if it's an admission and mileage is .345/mile. On call M-F, $15 night, S/S, $30. Anyways, any input from the home health nurses out there would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!!
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  3. by   lisastalder
    hi j . . .you are somewhat close to west virginia. i also work as a private duty pedi nurse and i make 14/hr during the week and 15/hr on the weekend. skilled nursing visits are 30 during the week and im not sure of the weekend pay rate. this is, again, the south where they say the cost of living is less expensive. i really dont find this to be true. i am originally from massachusetts and i made over 7 dollars and hour more as a private duty nurse and the auto insurance was cheaper. LOL LOL. are you an LPN like me? it all depends on where you live but ohio seems to be the same rate as here in wv.
  4. by   Dont
    How long does it take for an "average" visit and does that include travel time?
  5. by   photolurch
    What area of the country do you live in?
  6. by   caliotter3
    The figures you quoted sound like they are in the ball park. Of course, it all depends on the location and the particular agency that you work for. I've been offered $25 per visit if I ever do visits. I only work shifts at the present, and that rate is much lower. Lower than what I want, so I am looking to find an agency with better compensation. Good luck and hope you like home health. Many people do hh on the side. Good way to make extra money if you can't get OT on your regular job.