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  1. I'm a new grad and home health RN, so bare with me and all my questions. Hopefully, most of the nurses here are not in it for the money, haha, but I had a question about home health. I'm a newly hired home health RN and was thinking that HH could become a very lucrative specialty of nursing for me. I'm getting paid $30/visit and most of my visits rarely last 1 hour in my area because it is a very small town and I'm only driving 5-15 minutes between patients. Even all the paperwork involved combined is not lasting much over 1 hour. I know that there will be slower times and it will take longer per visit with complicated patients, but it would seem if I start doing this full time seeing 7 or 8 patients per day how I could soon be making alot more money than a regular floor nurse. Am I just new and nieve or is this true of home health or maybe I'm just lucky to find something in a small area where I'm not driving so much and can see more pt's? I'm just at a loss. Thanks in advance for your info/comments....
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  3. by   renerian
    That is the key. If your visits are close together you can make good money. It is when they are far apart that kills you. I had posted several times our service area was 9 counties and I would spend sometimes two hours to get to a client than another 1 to 2 hours to get to another. I could only sometimes see three people a day for a whopping 75 which was not worth my time. I would love to find an agency like yours. What part of Ohio are you in? I live in central ohio.

  4. by   jfpruitt
    Well, the agency itself does cover 5 counties altogether HOWEVER it is such a small company, they only have 20 something patients right now and 20 of the 24 are in my county. The other 4 patients are in the other 4 counties. There will either be 3 or 4 RNs for these patients and 2 of them live in the other counties that are served, so, my manager said it would be rare for me to have to drive outside my county at all b/c the other nurses will cover that area. I think I'm lucky b/c I live in this county whereas the other RNs will have to travel here to see the other 20 patients we have. Grant it, I will be driving around the county itself, but, she also said most of the patients are in the city too. And the county from one end to the next is probably at most 20 minutes. They are a growing company. They are one of the largest(2nd or 3rd) HH agency in FL, but not here yet. They are starting to market here and hoping to become big b/c we only have one other HH agency around so they don't have much competition. I'm in a rural area as you can see. She said now is the time to get in there b/c once they start marketing and growing all of the RNs there now will become managers(meaning me I guess) SO, do you think this sounds good?
  5. by   renerian
    Yes I do think it sounds good! How is your on call structured?

  6. by   jfpruitt
    When I'm on call I'm paid $15 per 24 hours and $30 for the weekends. Which seems really low considering you have to be available for a patient at anytime. Does this seem about right to you? How does yours work?