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Hey everyone.... Since the holiday season is coming up I was wondering if we could all share ideas about gift giving in the workplace..... I have ideas like I am giving this hand care thing called... Read More

  1. by   Susan Anderson
    I have found scratch off lotto tickets are a fun gift... they are not expensive and everyone loves seeing if they or a co-worker won anything.
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  2. by   darla80
    snowman poop was a big hit in our area
    There was a poem attached to the bags of marshmallows

    Something about heres the scoop and snowman poop??
    Anyone know the rhyme? I will have to dig around and find it.

    One year I received this gift..
    A whisk filled with hershey kisses ... tag reads
    "I whisk you a merry kissmas." Kind of corny but cute and who can resist the chocolate?

    Can you believe it is time to think about Christmas?

    Joy and Smiles *DARLA**
  3. by   amy
    May sound silly, but one of the most thoughtful gifts I ever got was my second year in the ER. One of the nurses got a christmas ornament for me. I use it every year and think of her everytime I see it. My first clue that I was really one of the group, you know? At the Christmas Tree Shoppe (Don't you just love a bargain... for those that know the chain!!!) and at AC Moore's they have christmas ornaments that are just a buckand at AC's they have MANY different choices. You could even personalize to specific likes and hobbies. They have mountain-biker snowmen and sprawled-out reindeer! My first couple years I bought cheap little christmas bags with a couple chocolate truffles in each. People have even started to tell me what their favs are! Maybe the ornaments won't fly for me this yaer; I've spoiled my friends!
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  4. by   Jen911
    I hear you've been naughty,
    So listen, here's the scoop...
    I'm running short on coal this year,
    So you get "Snowman Poop"
    Love, Santa

  5. by   Thunderkat
    Truly inspiring!!!! gotta love the snowman poop!!!! Keep the ideas coming.........I am so glad I have this site to come to and share thoughts and ideas You are all the Best!!!! thanks!!!!
  6. by   OneChattyNurse
    This isn't quite the subject, but I thought it was worth sharing!!!
    When I worked at a long term care facility we had a patient that wanted to get a gift for the staff to show his appreciation. He had his daughter go to wal-mart and get those tins of candybars..the ones with snickers, hershey bars, milkeyway, etc.. They had winter/christmas scenes on them and every staff member from nursing to housekeeping was summoned to his room to take their pick. This patient had a BLAST visiting with everyone as they came in. This was a small facility, but there were probably 30 staff members total. Since they were given to everyone and not just a few, this practice was approved of by our administrator. I don't normally take gifts from patients, but he considered us family and his biological family insisted!!! Anyway...I just thought I would share this holiday work memory!!