hmm can anyone give me a hand?

  1. i was wodering if someone can help me?
    i have this question sheet, and theres 2 questions i'm stuck on and cant find the answer in my text anywhere... they are

    1) what are 2 examples of how a patients judgement could be examined

    2) perceptions describe what aspet of mental function?

    I've looked on the internet too (entering it in search) but havent found anything either) so i'm hoping one of u experts could help me out here.? I'm learning about the mental status examination process. I'm in school right now =)
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    i didnt mean for it to cope up again
  4. by   nightingale
    Keep in mind, I am not checking a text... so check these responses under cognition...

    #1- I would make sure the patient does not feel threatened by asking these questions - I would engage the patient in conversation and ascertain their ability to make sound judgement. An example might be - in determining decisons upon discharge what will the patient do about rides to and from the Dr. visits... or how will the patient bathe themselves or do laundry... basically.. you want to see if they are able to make judgements that would inable them to have their ADLs taken care of. I use this type of example because it is nonthreatening and the patient will not feel deffensive...

    # 2 whether the patient is reality based...

    To be honest, I think you would get a better "book based" answer in the student nursing forum.. I am working today.. do not have my texts available at this time... but wanted to take a stab at it... at least it will give you some food for thought and perhaps different ideas of where to check....

    Good luck to you B...
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