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  1. How does the hiring process at a hospital usually work?

    I was offered a position as a staff nurse, and accepted. Now I've passed the pharmacology exam, and am getting my physical later this week. I've started the paperwork for taxes and direct deposit, etc.

    I guess the 'date of hire' is the first day of orientation? I'm not considered 'hired' until that date?

    I'm a new grad just getting my first job, so please bear with me.

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  3. by   llg
    Yep. Usually the "date of hire" is the first day you go to work and get paid for it. Usually, that day is one of orientation. What you are doing now, is all the "pre-hire" stuff. If you weren't able to pass their screening procedures, you would not be allowed to actually start your job.

    Good luck!
  4. by   NewGradRNAC
    I have a question because I am new to Nursing as a whole.. I worked in retail and child care my whole life... I just turned 22 and passed my NCLEX and the job hunt begins...i know there are quite a few of you VERY familiar with the hiring process, I would just like to know what to expect after my interview and pre-screening which i completed both of in the past 2 weeks...help??
  5. by   llg
    Have you actually been offered a job and accepted? That's the next step.

    After you have accepted an actual job offer ... then each employer has its own pre-employment activities. Usually, that involves a health screening and maybe a meeting with Human Resources to sign paperwork related to payroll, taxes, etc. Some places give a medication test as part of that process. Other employers wait to do that sort of thing until after you actually start the job.

    Then you show up on the first day of the job ... and they begin orienting you. Usually, orientation begins with a classroom-type experience that provides information about the facility in general, benefits, payroll, etc. Then you begin orienting to your particular department, which may include some class-type activities, some computerized self-study modules, and clinical work with a preceptor.

    Does that answer your question?
  6. by   NewGradRNAC
    Yea that helps. I was never formally offered a job. Just told by DNS that HR would call to set me up for pre screen which they did and i completed ... Do they call u if u failed/passed all they were looking for? Like what happens next ? I called her to ask if she received all my stuff so she knows I followed through with her requests. She said she did receive my stuff and is now waiting for my physical and ppd to come through because I just had it read that morning and she said the DNS again would call me mon/ tues because they still have to do reference checks. Does that mean I got it?