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  1. I am currently waiting for my Georgia license to be re-instated because I inadvertantly let it expire. It is illegal to start an RN position......even orientation since I do not have an active license yet. Is it legal to be hired as an Extern or Intern until my license is reinstated? I will be in a NICU Internship for the first 16 weeks of my employment and my license should be reinstated 3-4 weeks after I start the internship. Anyone know if this is can be done? Thank you to all that reply!
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  3. by   clee1
    I live in GA too. There are two people right now on my unit that have no license yet and are already in orientation (internship). It can be done if the facility will allow it.
  4. by   jetskibabe68
    Thank you for your response Clee! That is encouraging! Do you know if these nurses on your unit have taken the NCLEX yet or if there are awaiting licensure by endorsement? Thanks!
  5. by   clee1
    Both are new grads from Kennesaw State. Neither have taken the NCLEX.

    However, (I am a new-grad w/ license) In my orientation class there was a nurse that had not practiced for many years and had let her license lapse. The hospital put her in orientation/refresher training until her license was reinstated.

    It is doable, if your facility is willing.
  6. by   jetskibabe68
    clee1........Wow!!! That is very encouraging! I am going in to talk to my new manager on Wednesday and explain the situation. I just found out today about the delay in my reinstatement and I am supposed to start orientation the 26th of this month. I'll keep my fingers crossed! I have worked at this hospital before and I am a returning employee in good standing, so hopefully they will work with me. Thank you sooo much for your responses! Have a great night!!!
  7. by   PANurseRN1
    You really need to check with your SBON to see if this is acceptable. There is a big difference between being hired as a new grad who doesn't have a license and your situation.

    Think about it; how will you sign your documentation? You can't sign as a GN, and without a license you for sure can't sign as an RN.

    You need to get your SBON's regulations on this sort of situation NOW!!!