HIPAA and court testimony

  1. Hi all, this is my first thread, and I have to say it's a positively titillating experience :spin:

    So I'm waiting for notice on a court date regarding an unpaid ticket. I was making a home visit for hospice on a day when the street was to be swept, and got a $15 ticket for blocking the street sweeper. I left my info with the police, and was told that I would be contacted by the people in charge of these things- I hoped for a chance to plead my case.

    There are other circumstances, but the fact is that that day I was loaded for bear with supplies to bring to this guy and others. At any rate, I'm told tickets over time in this town have a way of growing into bench warrants, and I should expect a summons within the next few months.

    So when I go before the judge I'm going to go tell him the same story, but I'm worried I might be violating pt privacy rights or something if I seek some evidence to back it up. My plan was to go to the pt (a great guy, still alert&oriented last i saw him) and get his written permission to provide his info to the judge.

    Good idea? Bad idea? I know nobody here's a lawyer and I shouldn't take anything posted as a reply to be legal advice.
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  3. by   happydays352
    It's 15 bucks and it doesn't go on your driving record so it costs you a grand total of 15 bucks!

    If you really want to fight it just provide a written account of what happened you don't have to use names. I got a ticket for speeding and I wrote in and it was reduced by a great deal.

    Personally I would pay it, bench warrants are issued when you don't pay a ticket by the date on the ticket or come to court by that date. So unless you just don't pay it or don't show up in court you'll be fine.
  4. by   joprasklpn
    They probably will make you pay anyway so I would leave the poor guy out of it. Make sure and look into why you have not heard anything because you don't want additional fines or warrants. Totally sucks, but you can't fight city hall (at least thats what they say.) Hope you get out of it anyway!!!