1. How are you preparing for HIPAA? What new policies are in place? What types of duties have been delegated to the nurses? Thanks for the info!:imbar :imbar
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  3. by   TIREDmidnightRN
    Hate to sound stupid....but what is HIPAA?
  4. by   boobaby42
    "The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) mandated regulations that govern privacy, security, and standards for health care information"http://www.hipaa-iq.com/
  5. by   TIREDmidnightRN
    AH yes. Actually my daughter who is an EMT/student Paramedic is more affected than we have been inside the hospitals.she keeps talking about how the new regs will effect information sharing..especially for transports and transfers.....but there has been silence from nursing administration on the subject so far!
  6. by   Rottie1
    Our hospital system has a video that goes over it all. It is really corny but it gets the message across, and it is a mandatory view for all personnel working in the hospital.