Hi nursing student here...

  1. my name is gabrielle and im currently in my 2nd semester in nursing school. I have so many questions and it is nice to have a place to go.

    my first problem is this...
    thursday i had my clinical comp. and i was advised that i did not pass it because of an air bubble in my IV line. i am currently fighting this. I work in an ER and asked several drs and nurses if this would have been an issue, they advised me no and that if a patient would have been at risk like a critially ill pt that they would have been on a pump anyways.

    what do you think?? how much air would you say would cause an air emboli...not an 1 inch air bubble right??? want stinks is that i have an A average after killing myself parttime for 3 years with a daughter at home and now i get this.
    any input is greatly thanked!!
    look forward to talking to all of you!!!!
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  3. by   Tweety
    This is where reality vs. the book are two different things.

    Picking up the bad habits of your coworkers in the ER and not following the book is a mistake.

    Do air bubbles hurt patients? No. Are you allowed to have air bubbles in your IV lines at school? No. What does your book say, how did you learn it? It doesn't matter what you see in real life, what does the book say. This is how you have to practice your clinicals.

    This is probably a battle you are going to loose. Pick yourself up by your bootstraps and move on and save your energy. Good luck.