Hi, new to group and need some help.

  1. Hi everyone, I sure am glad I found this site. I haven't been in a chat room for years I think. Anyhow I am a student at Purdue, and I am about 12 credit hours from getting my BSN. Anyways I have this assignment where I need to interview a nurse who has been in practice for the last 10 years. The questions I need to ask are:
    What technology was in existence for nursing 10 years ago?
    What technology is available now in your facility?
    What improvements are needed in the technology of today?

    Anyone who could help me out would greatly be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I guess I find your questions rather broad. When you refer to "technology" how do you mean? Technology related to charting? Medication administration? Equipment used to care for patients?

    I guess I am wondering what exactly you mean. Good luck in school! and welcome to our site.
  4. by   gabby66
    Thanks so much for your inquiry. I know the concept of technology is broad, but it would probably pertain to all the areas you mentioned where technology in the last ten years has either changed your scope of practice or made life a little easier for nursing in general.

    PS: Thanks so much for welcoming me also, yesterday for some reason I think people thought I was someone else logging in under a different name and were not to receptive. Thanks.