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    spring break is coming up this coming week . but i have to wait for like another month to be a shadow kid because they need to find a nurse that will do it. i just hope that i dont get a nurse like godzilla. weve only got like less than 2 months of school left and then after the summer i will be a freshman and doing my ultimate dream learning how to be a nurse . nursing runs in my family so ive got nursing in my blood. but i dont want to be doing the jobs like some are yall do. im not in for cleaning up a patient. all i would like to do is be in the baby nursery or work in l&d. i am really nervous about starting high school because i just moved here in august so i dont know a lot of kids. also im afraid i will get lost. also i need some advice. ok you see we already toured the high school and the kids are supposed to tuck in their shirts but none of them did so there is basically no dress code because none of the kids follow the rules so next year should i or shouldnt i tuck in my shirt? also a lot of the girls my age wear stuff that i dont like im as real plain jane so i was wondering should i get clothes like them or not worry about what they think? im really self concious about myself and what other people think of me.
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  3. by   Renee' Y-Y
    First off, be yourself. Don't try to please everyone...because you can't...and then you won't be happy because you've been trying to please everyone that you can't. Second, the shirt deal...I, personally, am not sure it's that big a deal, if the dress code isn't being enforced I'm not sure I would worry about it. If a person in authority tells you tuck your shirt in, then tuck it in and keep them tucked in. I know my daughter always comes home with dress code and about a week or 2 into the year teachers aren't even enforcing them. Probably the biggest issues are girls revealing too much skin and guys wearing those DISGUSTING low riders so you can see those snazzy boxers they're wearing and anything that could be considered gang-related.

    Also, keep in mind that when you go through nursing school you have to do all the stuff that you don't want to do in order to graduate so you can move on to do the stuff you want to do. I knew at 16 I wanted to be a nurse...I was a CNA & was wiping tushies even way back then. Sometimes you have to take a little bit of icky to get to the really good stuff.

    Best of luck with your new school and future nursing school.