Hesi...... Oh The Joy..........

  1. Hey guys, I'm scheduled to take the Hesi A2 exam in november in order to begin the professional phase of the nursing program at Long Island University.

    Can anyone help me or suggest books, websites that I can use to prepare for this exam.

    Thanks in advance.:spin:
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  3. by   emersushea
    My school provided me with a text from HESI which was kind of mediocre, but it came with a CD that really helped me out. I would imagine your school will probably give you one as well if they haven't already. It was called "HESI NCLEX-RN Review: Prepare Test Succeed." Also, Elsevier has some online case studies that were great. Again, your school should provide access information to that if they haven't already done so.

    Part of passing HESI for me was to just keep doing the CD and going over the online case studies. Even if I scored 80% on a topic, I'd redo the test until I got 100% just so that I properly understood all the elements to the questions. With HESI you get a print out of your strong and weak areas and its a good idea to go over that sheet and cater your studying to the weak areas. In studying the weak areas I typically used my Med/Surg text or Labor/Delivery text, etc. rather than the HESI book just because I felt I got more info from other sources.

    Anyway good luck!
  4. by   jla623
    This book. I bet you can order it online. That's what I used and I did very well on the test.


    Also, I think the person above is talking about the other HESI exam. This one does not have case studies...The HESI A2 is the pre-nursing entrance exam. It consists of Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar, Math, A&P, Chemistry, and Biology. My school didn't require us to take the Chemistry or Biology portion though.
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  5. by   melissar121
    My school only required the reading, grammar, and math, not the biology section. which was nice. my school's library kept a copy of the Hesi book with Review so we could use it on campus to study. And in my opinion it is simple elementary math and reading.
    good luck.
  6. by   emersushea
    I didn't see the A2! Hehe, yes I was referring to the HESI exit exam that you'll take 2-4 years down the road. I don't remember having to take HESI A2 at my school. Sorry!