Hepatitis B Vaccine

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am new to this forum and am applying to nursing school for this coming fall as a second career. I am really exited, but have one nagging fear that I hope some of you can help with.

    The school I'm applying to doesn't require the Hep B vaccine, but says that if any of the clinical sites do, then I'll have to get it. I understand the risks of the disease and want to get the vaccine, but my brother took the first 2 of series in medical school and had a severe autoimmune reaction. Over ten years later, he's still struggling with his illness (used to be a rugby player, now has finally built up to being able to walk 15 minutes).

    I fear that even if I can get by in school with out the vaccine, I might be putting myself at risk in clinicals and/or might be limited in jobs when I graduate. Do any of you have advice or experiences with this vaccine that you could share? Thank you...
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  3. by   Mystery5
    Maybe they have some sort of legal waiver you can sign. I know both in Calif and Washington State they have those for school children. They say it's mandatory, but on the back of the vaccine form you can sign off on whatever vaccines you object to for religious or personal reasons.

    I'm one of those freaky holistic medical heretical types who doesn't accept every vaccine that the medical establishment want to market, so I have used those forms for my own children. However, with Hep B I do feel that for a healthcare worker the risk/benefit ratio is such that I did get the vaccine. Statistically you are 100 times more likely to contract Hep B from a blood exposure than AIDS.