help with suicide

  1. i had a pt that killed herself at the hospital. I have went over and over in my mind if i said the right things or done the right things. I work on a med-surg floor, and don't deal with this kind of thing very much at all. we had a suicide class but when i ask the ?
    what do you say to a person that tells you i want to die. i was ask how did you deal with this problem, so i feel like i was brush off. i was with the pt for 2hr talking with her, i called the dr, which was no help, and the family. it is very stressful because i feel like i have failed the pt. i was her last chance for help.her husband had just been killed a week befor by being hit with a car. she told me she couldn't go on with out him, i share my story of how my husband had been killed in a car wreck too, and i knew how much she was hurting, but the pain does get better in time. i don't know if i will ever get over this. :o
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