Help with advice for school related items

  1. Hi this is my first semester in nursing school, and I have been looking through the post to get some ideas on what I may need, I came across a PDA for sale for $170.00 and it has the following items already downloaded, can someone please tell me if this is a good or bad price and weather I will be using these items. Thanks for your time.... Here are the specs...

    Palm Tungsten E PDA, includes INSTALLED: Mosby's Drug Consult Guide, 5 Minute Clinical Consult, Dorland's Medical Dictionary, IV Meds Guide by Mosby's, IV Drip Calculator - Dimensional Analysis, RN Fast Facts, RN Assessment, and the Washington Medical Manual - software alone is worth over $200.As is. Comes with leather cover, stylus, USB/charger cable, Palm Desktop CD. All in near new condition
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  3. by   purplemania
    why don't you wait till school starts to see what you need? Some facilities will not allow you to use the PDA because of risk of downloading or entering private patient information. Your best tool will be eyes and ears. Good luck in school.