Help! UNC vs. Duke?

  1. Help! I'm going to be graduating in Dec with my BSN. My husband's job is transferring to the triangle area in North Carolina (Durham/Raleigh area) then, so I have interviews set up with Duke and UNC for nursing positions in the next month. I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about working for either of these 2 hospitals. I have heard through the grapevine that Duke nurses are not as satisfied as UNC nurses, but I was hoping to get some more input. I'm looking along the lines of differences between nurse/patient ratios, benefits, wages, differential payment, management systems, etc... I was just hoping to get some candid advice or experiences. Thanks for your help!!
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  3. by   wrv_rider
    first of all i think you and your husband will be really happy in nc. i was born and raised in raleigh. both hospitals have gerat reputations. i moved to florida about a year ago so im not sure how the staff/patient ratio is now days. we plan on moving back in a couple of years so i can return and get my MSN at Duke. Go Bluedevils! im sure this didnt help any just wanted to say welcome to nc!
  4. by   slyhrtbt
    I don't know about nursing but UVA will beat both of them in Football this year.:roll
  5. by   wif411
    i Have never been to UNC-bur I worked at DUKE fro 6 mo. My son has had 2 surgeries---kidney and another at DUKE--- I am a DUKIE on my mind.
  6. by   nurse4kids
    I work at work at UNC Children's Hospital so I can only speak from that side of it. If you choose UNC, are you looking to work in the main, children's, womens or the Neurscience part of the hospital??
    I can give you info about Children's if that's the area you're interested in. I'm not familiar w/ the specifics of other areas of UNC.
    Good luck in making your decision-- both are good!

    Welcome to NC -- I was born and raised in Raleigh & love NC! (except this freakin humidity..hahah)