Help! Switching from Peds to Med-Surg

  1. I work at a rural hospital and immediately got a Peds position on graduating school. That's been cool and I've been cross trained to Nursery, but we're moving. The hospital I'm going to has 24 beds and I'd obviously be working med-surg. I feel really really really rusty on med-surg. Any good books to catch up/brush up on my skills/general knowledge? Thanks!
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  3. by   Antikigirl
    I was in geri for 4 years at an ALF, and I had to switch. I went into med surge as agency to try it out...and I am SO suprised at how much stuff I remembered and could do. I thought for sure I would be drowning and not knowing what to do...but I was able to do it no probelm...and this was after 7 total years away from hospital care!

    I would hope they put you through a nice orientation process with a preceptor...and that really helps. As far as books, wow, I didn't need any but I find the Nursing Made Increadibly Easy line of Nursing books are quick, down to the point and teach using humor and common sense! Good books to have around!

    Also, never be afraid to ask questions BEFORE you do something! I did, and my team and pts appreciated that! Some things were new to me...and I wouldn't touch them till I was trained..that was part of the deal!

    But I will tell you...I was bowled over by how much I knew and how it transitioned into med/surge so quickly. I can see being in peds that it won't be to hard and may be a very nice asset!

    BTW..I am loving my job now!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. by   wooh
    Peds to m/s shouldn't be too difficult of a transition. Just remember adults tend to more things wrong with them at once. (It's not just CHF, it's CHF, hypertension and diabetes!) And the doses of the drugs will seem HUGE! Especially pain meds. 0.5mg of morphine won't do squat to most adults, haha!