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  1. Hey everyone, I am a nursing student and I need to do a little speech on the nursing chain of command, like staff nurse, PCC, charge nurse, nurse manager, etc., and I don't know how exactly it goes (what I just said may be right... I really don't know) but I can't find a breakdown of it anywhere online, does anyone know where I could find a breakdown like that or can anyone break it down for me? Thanks!!
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  3. by   Tweety
    Where I work it's a little like this: CNAs and LPNs are supervised (by the Nurse Practice Act of Florida) by the Registered Nurse, then the chain of command is this: Charge Nurse (who supervises the unit the particular shift she/he works), Nurse Manager (in charge of the unit, with 24/hour accountability), Director (the boss of several managers), Vice President of Patient Care Services (the boss of all of nursing, and other areas like respiratory, radiology, pharmacy - i.e. the boss of many directors) and finally Chief Executive Officer (everyone's boss), who answers to the Board of Directors (who are only interested in the $$ bottom line).

    Nights and weekends there is an "Administrator on Duty", or "House Supervisor" that acts on management's behalf during those off hours.
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  4. by   TrudyRN
    Just an aside - Nurse Managers used to be called Head Nurses.

    Charge Nurse = Lead Nurse in some places.

    I think Tweety's statement is right on.
  5. by   jennyfyre
    Trudy... you just reminded me of a funny! One of the older docs I work with came in and asked where the "head nurse" was... without thinking, I stated that the headcase was in the breakroom! Good thing he is well acquainted with all of us and our weird sense of humor!