:eek: This guy is me. Smoking, freaked out and blue. There must be other nurses out there who are addicted to cigarettes but ashamed to admit it. I need support. Others I know have done well... Read More

  1. by   chrn
    YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Lots of people (yeah, even nurses and EGADS, even doctors0 still smoke...but lots of people have quit. Once you make up your mind, you have taken a big step. Do whatever else you have to.
    Here's my history- 27 years total smoking history. Quit for 6 mos. at a time when pregnant. Quit for couple of months at a time here and there through the years. One doc gave me a Catapres patch- some research had shown it an effective craving deterrent (couple of decades ago). Chewed nicotine gum till the gastric mucosa revolted.
    Now.. quit for good!! I did use Welbutrin for a short time and I felt that helped with cravings a lot.
    5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY NEXT MONTH!!! I did it, you can too.