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  1. As many of you know my hospital is building a new ER, "A New Consept in Emergency Care called ER 7. We will be the second one built and were lucky to be able to rearrange many things that didn't work well in the first one that was built in our "sister" hospital.

    WE have 5 Senior Clinical Nurses (Yes I'm one) who are working in and on every aspect of this new ER. (Please note there were 8 of us before this started) I must say we have excellent support from our Nurse Manager and our DON of Emergency and Critical Care Services. (Of course I think they cloned those to into 3 of each considering their work load)

    Because I like to play on the computer and it doesn't intimidate me (I just shut the dang thing off if i screw up) One of my jobs is to work hand and hand with the IS people. That's kinda like making a garage mechanic give a bed bath and have the ER nurse change the transmission. Once we become a SUPER-USER than we have to teach the rest of the staff. Apparently the IS dept. doesn't have time. Did I note that we open in June?

    This scares me to death. Heck my sons graduated from high school before computers were required. Now I'm dealing with patient tracking, doctor tracking, events (what are events) and a total of 5 new systems that only "talk" to each other if they get the proper information.(in the proper language that some alien zapped into the computer)

    I beg for trauma - they give me a terminal(computer terminal that is)....I beg for an out of control psyc.....They give me plasma boards,,,,,,,,I even pray for anyone of 20 frequent flyer patients,,,and they give me mapps of a computer screen to figure out and redue by Thursday.

    Anyone want a really good ED charge nurse with 25+years experience to just treat patients. I know these computers are here to get me (paranoid you ask? Well maybe, but that doesn't mean their not out to get me!!!!!!!!!!

    Help :imbar :chuckle :roll
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