Help me, I am African Amercian male nurse - page 3

;)I hope this title does not scare anyone away or upset anyone. My goal is to find out how AA male nurses (LPN, ASN, BSN, or NP) deal with various challenges like dealing with female nurses (older or... Read More

  1. by   Zookeeper3
    OK, honesty here. A new dred lock blood shot eyed AA male nurse was assigned to me to train. New to critical care he was laid back from the start, nothing spooked him, no prior health care exp.

    Now I went all steriotypical in my mind, some raegae, ganga smoking nurse

    Nope, he is GOLDEN, hard working, raising his kids alone, good work ethic, simply CALM. He helps ME with those crazy climbing out the bed folks as he never gets upset. He works with his son doing landscaping 1/2 the day instead of sleeping to teach the kid work ethic, thats why he's tired and blood shot... although he looks like a drug test waiting to happen

    I've learned so much from this new guy that I love. so I share this to say, initially some may form wrong opinions like I did, WHO you ARE, will say all there is to say. After 2-3 months anyone else who displays problems with you if you're anything like this guy, will be the one with the problem. Then do your work, offer to help them and just know that some people are truly ignorant, as opposed to my temporary insanity of ignorance People will SEE the real you, not your gender or race. Best wishes!