Help ! Interview with a RN for a class assignment

  1. Hello everyone,
    I am required to interview a registered nurse (preferably master's-prepared) for my class assignment. I'd be really greatful if somebody is willing to help me with this.

    Thanks in advance !
    These are the points I have to cover during the interview (I am not required to identify my interviewee by name or even by specific location/employer). But I need to identify whatever the role function is of the interviewee.

    The interview should include the following, but is not limited to this information:
    • What is the role and its main functions?
    • What is the role title and position description?
    • How did the interviewee choose this role?
    • What educational preparation is required for the role?
    • What is the setting in which the role is enacted?
    • Are there role conflicts or "turf" issues within the organization, and if so how are they handled or resolved?
    • What are actual or perceived barriers to practice or innovation?
    • Are there any special skills that are needed to lead or influence others on the care team or within the organization?
    • How are patient outcomes tracked or reported, so that the value of this advanced practice role contribution can be identified?
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  3. by   sunspotmia
    Not trying to judge but, wouldn't it be better to do an interview in person? It would give you more information. If hospital nurses seem too busy you could visit a nursing home.
  4. by   brightAsday
    Thanks for your advice. And yes, you are right. But, I only got a short time to complete the assignment. So, I thought this would be the fastest way to get info. Afterall, the assignment says that we can either do personal interviews or via email.

    So, if anyone can respond to those questions I would be most greatful.

    Thanks !
  5. by   kendel
    i guess you have to put in the time to do the work your self or make some thing up then

    or you could check the internet for q and a answers