HELP in So. California

  1. I willl be moving to California in a few months and really need to know how long of a cummute it is from Corona to Irvine, and Corona to San Bernadino. Please help
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  3. by   Sheri257
    Unfortunately, if you're talking about Corona to Irvine, you're also talking about one of the worst commutes in southern California. Two hours in heavy rush hour traffic one way. San Bernardino is better, about 45 minutes one way. Nights and weekends are better sometimes, but not always.

    You could try commuter lanes (Although you need two people for those or you get $300 tickets. Don't try dummies, they'll nail you for that too ... LOL.) Or Fast Track, which costs some extra money (I don't know how much.) Both of those options don't always help, however.

    Of course, none of this takes into account accidents which can delay you for hours on end.

    Welcome to SoCal, where commuting and traffic reports are part of daily life!

    P.S. Have you been to Corona? It does have a distinctive smell, so to speak. Namely, dairy farms. Just thought I'd mention it, in case you didn't know.

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  4. by   jonas42
    that is exactly what i didnt want to hear
  5. by   SandyB
    ck out for maps and driving directions.
    ck out and click on traffic and also
    look at different times of day for how bad the traffic is...
    Welcome to Cali!
  6. by   TopCat1234
    that's the fasttrak have an account with the toll roll operators and they give you a transponder for your dash. or you can pay cash. if you use the transponder, they give you a break on the toll, like 25 cents or 50 cents off the cash fare. the cash fare, one way from the 91 fwy to irvine is $3.75.

    it also depends on which side of corona you live on. if you live more east, closer to the orange county side, say off green river road, and use the toll road into irvine, you're looking at maybe 30-45 mins with traffic. but if you live on the other side of corona further west, or more north, well you're in for a haul.

    san bernardino - i have no idea. i don't get out there at all.