help in organizing a new nursing organization?

  1. I have read this bb for many weeks now and after much consideration i am thinking about starting a new nursing organization that accepts us all from student nurse to doctorate nurses. I will need suggestions from you all and ideas!!!!!!!! What kinds of benefits would you like. what non-profit organizations would you like to be a part of , maybe for sponsorship, dues, magazine or newsletter, do you want to lobby for change? what is it that you would want from this organization? Suggestions and ideas Please
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  3. by   res04lly
    Also what do you think about calling it ONE VOICE? or maybe you have abetter name
  4. by   HotSpam
    Maybe it could be fun for you if your idea is to have a social club with no real political aspirations.

    The idea of one voice for students thru doctorates isn't very powerful as they will have very different and specific needs.

    The ANA for example could do well to only focus on elevating the professionalism of nursing. To the chagrin of LPNs, and ADNs.

    I think the idea of "we embrace everyone" is sweet but causes inherent weakness in the organization.

    Also I am not sure of your resources but, they would have to be immense to even begin to allow a decent org.

    Call me a pessimist, call me a killjoy.

  5. by   HotSpam
    Oops, I forgot rule #1 when finding a problem - offering a solution.

    Perhaps a more feasible idea would be to have an organization that satisfies a niche market. As always, some ideas:

    1. AANA - Anti ANA Nurses Assoc. (I nominate wildtime for president)

    2. D of N - The Daughters of Nightengale; advancing the sentiment that we all got into nursing to help people and we need to remember that and stop worrying about everything else.

    3. SMNW - Straight Male Nurses of the World;
    We cater to the need for the SMN to be identified as the SMN.

    4. LLB - The Love and Light Brigade; For the nurse optimist. Complete with credentialing authority. You too can be a RN, NO.

    5. HGRSG - The hyperactive gag reflex support group; advancing the needs for new techniques to allow a pleasant work environment.

    6. GNA - The Groovy Nurse Association; For the apathetic nurse - no lobby efforts, no dues, includes the magazine "No Thanks, I'm Good!"

    7. LON - A Loose Organization of Nurses, as opposed to...

    8. OLN - An Organization of Loose Nurses

    Ya'll have fun,
  6. by   res04lly
    I wanted ideas not this. I was looking for suggestions not crap.this is something i am very serious about and i am sorry you think it is a joke. There are to many good reasons out there to come together as a whole to make change- yet instead of giving me something that is useable i get abunch of nonsence. I personally don't feel it's a social club or a day care situation for unhappy nurses.everyone sits on their behinds complaining and ect about the profession yet no one wants to help unless to make fun of something. I would hope only those who are serious about this would respond i don't need the mockingbirds
  7. by   HotSpam

    If you REALLY desire to create an org that serves to unite ALL nurses in one collective you have more work than I can imagine cut out for you. I don't see how this is possible if you cannot handle me more tactfully than you have.

    You WILL have detractors. Some of them will be bright folks like Wildtime who are capable of throwing you serious curves.

    You should not belittle my SERIOUS contribution to your thread. I will be plain: A universal collective of nurses is very grandiose and I suggest a niche market.

    Don't be so offended. I don't take criticism very well either though, so I understand.

  8. by   res04lly
    Hotspam, all i want is some suggestions there are so many unhappy nurse's who want change that i thought maybe we as a collective could come up with something, even if it were grass roots type of thing to make things better,I get so tired of all voices complaining about what they need and what they want that I thought maybe i could help and make a difference in someway. I do know what you all are talking about and the struggles to get your voices heard and the current organizations seem to not be helping you all. I just want to help and thought maybe someone was interested in this. sorry if i got mad but you know i just want to help and some help
  9. by   fiestynurse
    There are already enough nursing organizations for us "unhappy" nurses. You would be better off spending your energy becoming involved in one of the many marches taking place across the country during National Nurse's Week. Nurses are coming together and making some real changes in health care. We are empowering ourselves, like never before!! We are way ahead of you, honey. Get with the program!!
  10. by   res04lly
    I have been in the wood work for 10 years trying to make change in my state. I am involved with the marches and rallys to make nursing conditions better. What are your follow plans for after the marches and rallies? do you plan to lobby for change? maybe what we need are grass-roots follow-up teams to go and make sure the promises are kept instead of the lipservice that the state governments give? That might be something better to be involved with then trying to start a new organization
  11. by   fiestynurse
    Nurses in California are lobbying for change on a daily basis. We have the first Nurse-Patient Ratio Bill in the Country. On May 7th we are gathering in front of the Health Care Association of Southern California (trade group that represents the hospital industry)to insure that they do not undercut our safe staffing efforts. I also am on the Board of Directors for "Health Care for All", which lead the lobbying efforts to fund a study on the possibilities for a single-payer system in our state. I have been at it for 25 years. These things take time, but the effort is well worth it.
    Yes, I agree it's not just about marches. But, these gatherings are very empowering for nurses and get our message heard load and clear.
  12. by   res04lly
    FiestyNurse-tell me more about how you organized and ect. I am in michigan and i would really be interested in more information and directive from you. I believe your knowledge and experience is wonderful-tell me more of what your success rate is with all of this. I would love to hear more

  13. by   fiestynurse
    I mean "loud" and clear!!

    P.S. Get out of the woodwork!!
    You are ready!! I can feel it!!
  14. by   fiestynurse
    Most of our lobbying efforts have been at the direction of the CNA, which currently became the SEIU Nurse Alliance. It is one of the largest nursing unions in the country. It all started at the grassroots level, as you mentioned, and moved from hospital to hospital, nurse to nurse.