Help...I need some ideas for xmas basket!

  1. Hello

    I'm putting together a gift basket for some friends for christmas. It's titled "Nursing Survival Kit". I'm including some of the following:

    Toothpick: To pick out the good in everyone-including yourself.
    Marbles: To replace the ones you lost somewhere along the way.

    I need some ideas for this basket and was hoping allnurses would come to my rescue. Any suggestions are welcomed. Thanks a bunch everyone....happy holidays!!!!!


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  3. by   yadda_yadda_yadda

    Perhaps some inexpensive /skin/nail care items...pumice stone, things for hands & feet--Since we've always got to be 'on our toes' and put our best foot forward.

    Small hand lotions - Since we all know "one hand washes the other"

    Herbal tea assortment--Because there will be times we're all in hot water.

    Lip balm---To be a reminder that sometimes we may have to kiss things to keep peace on the job.:kiss

    A few pieces of candy tossed in---to remind us that we attract more bees with sugar, than with vinegar!

    THEN--(if I were preparing the basket )...I'd go to a website, like (my favorite) & gather some "words of wit/wisdom/humor" and pen them onto little pieces of paper...& tuck them into the basket .

    I don't think there's a nurse around that wouldn't appreciate this.:Santa1:
  4. by   nurse4theplanet
    KY jelly bc you will have to lube up and take it in the rear every now and again hahahahahahaha
  5. by   PamUK
    Quote from asoldierswife05
    KY jelly bc you will have to lube up and take it in the rear every now and again hahahahahahaha

    That is soooooooooooo....... funny!!! I'll laugh about that all night now

    AND I can think of someone I can give that gift too... (an arsy bum-lick!)
  6. by   lcazgirl
    Thanks for the ideas....all are wonderful!

    (especially the KY Jelly...oh my, I nearly wet myself from laughing so hard!!!!!!):chuckle