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I am writing an article about nurses' uniforms and how they vary country to country. Maybe there isn't a difference? I would appreciate any input, advice or resources I can check out to make... Read More

  1. by   nursingdog
    at the VA hospital I work in, they allow us to were any color, print scrub that we want, however being a male nurse this is a harder endever. I can't find any male prints that I like, sure there as some out there, but Cartoons arn't what I would wear to work with my hospice patients.... I would like to find some that fit my personal likes.... Cars, American Flags, Military items for my veteran patients.
  2. by   flashpoint
    We can wear anything as long as it's scrubs. Personally, I like solids and I'm in sort of a blue mood right now, so I either wear the ceil blue scrubs or navy blue scrubs. Some of it depends on which doc is in the has all navy, one has all ceil...I like to coordinate with them...LOL. I also have a set of khaki scrubs and a set of purple...I don't wear either of those much. Most of the nurses wear solid pants and print tops. One very beautiful slender nurse has print pants too...most of us wouldn't look good in print pants.

    X-ray wears any scrubs they like...lab wears black pants and khaki polos with a long white on white pinstriped jacket...housekeeping wears jeans and a scrub top with moons and stars.
  3. by   Kiwi Rochelle
    Hi there,
    I work as an RN in New Zealand and at the hospital where I work we wear navy trousers or dress shorts with a white tunic with collar and whatever shoes or sandals we like. The smock-style dress is still very popular in NZ also - always in white with the health board logo, and different colour epilettes indicate what level of nurse you are eg Charge Nurse, Staff Nurse, Enrolled Nurse etc. Scrubs are mostly worn in theatres and specialty floors like CCU and everyone on that ward wears the same colour. Here, the uniform we wear is decided by management and varies between District Health Boards. Hope this is useful!
  4. by   Sarah, RNBScN
    Post this to the others from UK, NZ and other places. Some have nursed in Saudi as well, they would provide a different comparison I am sure.

    Check OVID site for literature on your topic or MEDLINE.

    Good luck