1. So after a few years in community college I am ready to give up on that and do something with my life that actually matters. So i want to go into a nursing program, but I am kinda unsure as to what program is best for me. I was thinking an LPN, just because I am not sure I can pass the Math part of the NET to get into and RN program, however I am not interested AT ALL in working in a elderly home or something of the sort. I read somewhere that it is kinda hard to get a hospitals position as an LPN, but I pretty much only want to work at a hospitals. Also I think I will eventually want to become an RN, so would it be smart to just drive right into the RN program, assuming I can pass the enterance exam...or should I try to work as am LPN for a while? Oh God, I AM LOST! HELP!
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  3. by   txpixiedust
    If you know you want to be an RN and work in a hospital - I say GO FOR IT and start applying to every ADN or BSN program in your area. The college I went to had an ADN program( 2 years ), LVN program(18 months), & LVN-RN program(1 year). So....if you really want to be an RN, I'd say don't go the LVN route first unless you can't get into a RN program & don't want to wait.

    All the LVN's in our program (they join us the last year of the ADN program) were AWESOME Nurses, and absolutely knew what they were doing. Sp being a LVN is nothing to be ashamed of - just like the ADN/BSN debate, it really depends what you want to do with your degree. There are a few things LVN's can't do - initial assessments, give blood, etc. There are few hospitals in my area that hire LVN's - but in the city I went to school they absolutely do. So just look into everything and do what is right for YOU!

    Good Luck & God Bless!
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    Quote from hannahintheory
    I was thinking an LPN, just because I am not sure I can pass the Math part of the NET to get into and RN program...
    Aren't LPNs required to know & understand basic math? And why wouldn't an LPN student be given a math assessment test, too, before starting the program?

    I'm not trying to offend anyone, especially the OP. It's just the comment doesn't make sense to me. I could see where maybe schools are not putting as much emphasis on teaching LPN students about IVs and drip rates(although I had to learn it right along with the RNs at my school). But isn't the rest important?

    Maybe I just went to a more demanding tech school. I mean, it was not only required of students to take a math assessment test prior to starting a nursing program(RN or LPN), but you also had to take a Pharmecology class during 1st semester right along with Theory & clinicals.

    Also, wouldn't an employer want to be 100% sure that every nurse(LPN or RN) they hire is capable of safely administering medications w/o overdosing patients? Again, maybe it's just me. But when I started working at the hospital as an LPN, I was given the hospital's own "nursing math" assessment test before I could set foot on the floor &/or do anything with meds. It did not matter that the school I attended had already tested me or that I passed a Pharmecology course. The hospital had to cover it's arse too.