1. Hello everyone,
    I don't know why I am posting this, but oh well here goes. Maybe it is part of the "venting" phase!!! LOL I only have 2 1/2 weeks left until I graduate with my BSN. I have a paper due on the last day of class. And it is not that hard of a paper to do, but I can't seem to make myself get it done! I think I have mentally checked out of school altogether! I don't remember it being this bad the last time. AAAAHHHHH!!! LOL. Anyone else have the same "senioritis" going on? Any tips Maybe we can just be frustrated together! LOL

    Ok, back to the paper now......
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  3. by   P_RN

    Now get to that paper!!

    With computers it should be a snap to write one. I always started as if I were telling someone what I had to write about.

    That was hard on a typewriter, but on a computer you would just have to highlight and hit DEL !

    Get to work!!!

  4. by   Andy S.
  5. by   Scarlette
    I graduated in May.....I had a bad case of what we called the "F*** Its" in December.....made for a very long 5 months. LOL

    Good luck!! Get that paper done!! It'll be a huge load off your mind.
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