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  1. hey there,
    this is my first post here and i want to say hello! and that im lost! i'm a lpn and have been for about 1 1/2 yrs. i started off as a tech working cardiology, went to medsurg and now in the er since nov. i am having bit of a dilemma that i need help with. i have been going to school before i even became a lpn to become a rn (went to lpn school due to waiting lists), i decided i was going to get my bsn. finally finishing up my pre-requisites and hoped to start in aug. but i am pregnant so that won't be happening (i am very excited about having a baby!!!). my problem is i finally feel like i am being fed to wolves in the er, i feel as if i am not that great of a nurse. and i am ready to be done with school and yet i have been going for years and still don't see the light! i just need some encourage b/c i know there are tons of you out there that have been going to school and working full-time to support the family. i am just burnt out on getting no where. i am lost. just any advice or encouragement from nurses that have been there please pass it on!
    thanks! nice meeting you all. sorry for the long first post
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Hi and welcome. Congrats on your pregnancy. If you are pregnant, you are still young - lol! So...getting your BSN will happen. Can you work part-time once the baby is born and try to fit a few classes in here and there? Or...can you quit entirely?
  4. by   lvnhopeful
    Hello, and congratulations on expecting a little one!

    You have a lot to handle right now with being pregnant. Maybe you should step back and wait until after your little one arrives and then think about which direction you want to go in.

    Good luck, don't let your environment control you, make the decisions that make you happy.
  5. by   JeenerLPN
    Well, I am definitely taking off the fall, but i was thinking of taking a couple classes this summer b/c i am on scholarship finally (i hate to waste that). Due date is Sept. 20th. hopefully take one class next spring and then start a LPN-ASN program in May 08. But i definitely have to have a full-time job (i carry the insurance and stable income, my husband is self-employed).
  6. by   nene7702
    This is also my first post. So welcome and congrats on the new baby I am currently going to school to obtain a degree in Nursing as an RN, then towards my BSN. I go to school full-time, and I have a family to support (husband, and 3 boys). I don't work but I understand where you are coming from. My life is swamp with work and the kids especially. Its hard trying to find time to study, but I manage with the support of my husband and family. Just do the best you can with school. If possible try not to quit, but instead try online classes. You mentioned that you haven't seen the light yet since you have been working, it's not because you are a bad nurse, but that you are a good nurse who is probably stress out. Maybe the ER is too much for you, try doctor's offices or a different position. Whatever you do, don't quit.