Hello and Help with Stethoscope strange problem

  1. Greetings from Vancouver, BC! I am new to this site and to nursing.

    Problem: I can only hear through the stethoscope (littmann II) when placed backward into my ear versus forward, and even then i have to position my head downward to catch the sound. Can anyone help me? I'm quite distressed as this is such a basic thing I'm struggling with. Would another type of stethoscope be better (straight on into ears)? Thank you in advance!
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  3. by   loriannlpn
    I also wear my littman what seems to be backward.... have you tried different ear pieces? I bought softer ear pieces when I purchased my littman. And I love it now, can hear tones that I could not hear with other scopes I have had. Hope this suggestion helps, good luck in your career!
  4. by   cdn-newby
    Thanks. I did get the soft earpieces. Does your littmann have a significant curve at the earpiece end?
  5. by   BlueEyedRN
    It seems totally weird, but that's actually the way they were designed to be worn. It's ergonomic and follows the direction of your ear canals. If your stethoscope included an instruction booklet, it explains how the stethoscope should be worn and how you can adjust the spring to fit comfortably. I love my Littmann!
  6. by   cdn-newby
    Thanks, I'll look into adjusting the spring.