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I have a couple of co-workers that are complaining of heel pain. They have brought new shoes and even had their heels injected by physicians. I used to have the same problem some times. Any one... Read More

  1. by   prmenrs
    Those are "Anywear" clogs!!! I have 2 pairs--they're good! They come in LOTS of colors, and you can buy replacement insoles. You can wash the outside part in the dishwasher if necessary. Try Allheart.com or Tafford or any of the apparel sites on the front page Allnurses.com.
  2. by   vicki444
    just got off with NYC concerning pay scales and unions--now SanDiego--i like this--what part of nursing are you in? Those clogs have saved me most folks in OR wear them because,like you said,just rinse off and they look like new. happy weekend from Oregon
  3. by   prmenrs
    I work in a NICU. prmenrs=premie nurse
  4. by   vicki444
    annnnnd what does a nicu nurse make in the city of SD--how did you settle in premies?
  5. by   prmenrs
    I had to look this up!! It's been a long time since I compared salaries, etc.
    New grads=Clinical Nurse I, start at $17.19, ususally get promoted automatically @ 6 mos (I think) to CN II.
    Experienced RN's come in @ CNII: $19.49 to $26.21
    There is a $3/hr night shift differential, a $1/hr weekend diff, and a $2.50/hr relief chrge nurse diff.
    You can get $100/month extra if you are certified. No, not certifiable!!
    I think I fell in love w/premies when I was a Student and did ONE week in premie nursery. But in nursing school, I liked just about everything, so as a new grad I spent ~ 3years in Med-Surg, CCU, CTICU before I wandered down to the NICU one day to see a friend, and promptly decided to transfer.
    After a couple more years, I was offered the Infection Control Nurse job, did that, then a night super job, then decided I really liked NICU best, and have been there ever since.
    Besides, they're cute as the dickens, and they make smaller messes!