Heart Healthy Recipes?

  1. Hi everyone! My dad is age 61, had an MI this past July. He has no other medical conditions and his physician told him his only dietary restrictions should be to cut saturated fat and calories, but didn't give him a sodium restriction. He has been doing a great job in keeping to his diet. My mom, who is ten years younger, is having difficulties in keeping their new diet interesting. I am wondering if anyone knows of any really great recipe collections or websites that have heart healthy and tasty recipes that don't take too much work, as my mom works full time and doesn't have all day to cook. Especially holiday recipes would be appreciated, since she basically can't make her usual holiday favorites due to the high fat/calories. I am looking for a website that may have a bunch of ideas, rather than just a couple, so that I can reference it to my mom whenever she needs dinner ideas. Thanks!
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  3. by   analee23
    I use www.recipezaar.com. I've found quite a few healthy recipes for my husband that is a semi-professional athlete and is very picky about his food, so I'm sure you'll be able to find some good things for your family.

    Best of luck!!!