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  1. I received an email from some company called PICC Excellence, they claim to have a self study program for PICC insertion. Has anyone heard of this compnay, or if after you complete the home program is it recognized by facilities? Apparently you watch a 5.5 hour video, complete a log book and do a demonstration in front of a nurse who is PICC certified and viola you completed the program. Sounds too good to be true. What type of training do you receive when becoming certified through a facility?
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  3. by   jemb
    I just checked out their website after reading your post. The self-study course involves getting ckecked off on comptencies while "doing a simulated PICC insertion under supervision". So if you have somone in your education department that can do this for you, it should work for you. Even a PICC certified co-worker could sign the competencies -- if the two of you can find time for you to demonstrate the skills. The class, just as any PICC class I've heard of, does not certify you to insert PICCs. It qualifies you to become certified, which you do at your facility. Requirements vary by facility. I had to do three successful insertions at my facility for certification.

    The 8 hour PICC insertion class I took several years ago, contained about the same content as this company's class has. I just took it at a CEU site, where we did the simulated insertions on a mannequin arm.