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Anybody have any recipes for healthy snacks or lunches to get through a long shift? I would love to hear some ideas!... Read More

  1. by   NurseKateC
    Quote from duskyjewel
    Dried cranberries and smoked almonds are delicious together. Same for tart green apples and sharp cheddar cheese.

    Plus, my husband and I usually eat dinner leftovers for our work lunches. So if you cook healthy dinners, then you have healthy lunches. My favorite recipe site: Skinnytaste
    Thanks for the website suggestion. I am checking it out now!
  2. by   mariebailey
    Quote from DatMurse
    Buy Apple.
    Rinse it
    Eat it.

    There is your snack.
    This post is very confusing to me.
  3. by   SHGR
    I just keep dry bulk snacks in my desk- almonds, granola bars, etc- so I always have something on hand.