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  1. H guys - Ijust got this book for my daughter (a burned out ED nurse) and she's raving about it. Just thought i'd pass it along. The website is www.*****. I wish this book had been around when i was practicing!! Keep up the good work everyone!!! Beenthere-Donethat
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  3. by   TazziRN
    What's up with the website?
  4. by   beenthere-donethat
    i'm guessing that you're not supposed to post a website - i'm sorry for that - HealThy Nurse is available in many venues - on line, etc, but i discovered the website after reading the book - it looks interesting - a scholarship will be funded for nursing students from book sales, it looks like there's a plan for a nursing community and newsletter - really following up on the book's theme of trying to heal the nursing problem/shortage/ nurse at a time. there's a lot in there we can all relate to as far as work situations but the author has set forth new ways of taking personal responsibility for our own health and so far the principles are helping my daughter tremendously - and i'm using them in my own life, even though i'm no longer in the trenches. the book could just as well be called HealThy Self or HealThy Soul as far as i'm concerned. this just happens to be geared toward healing the nurse's soul. keep up the good work - i notice you're also an ED nurse - lots of ED in my family - so i hear you!! all the best! btdt
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